Best-In-Class, Fully Custom Lube Trucks

Built to fit your specific application, business, and budget needs.

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Lube Trucks For Every Application

Whether you operate in the asphalt, paving, construction, or mining industries, lube trucks are a necessity for any job that requires the use of heavy equipment. Unlike other brands, our lube trucks are custom-designed to fit your specific needs. Because lube trucks are a huge investment for your business, we encourage you to design the perfect truck for your unique operation. Working with you and using our five-step build process, we identify the products, tools, and accessories you need to complete your job effectively and efficiently.

What's The Difference?

  • Fuel & lube body - Carry and transport large capacities of new and used oil. DEF, antifreeze, and diesel. This lube truck body works as the all-in-one primary maintenance vehicle for your fleets.
  • Lube-only body - Store and transport hundreds of gallons of new and waste oil, DEF, and antifreeze.
  • Enclosed body - All tanks, equipment, tool boxes, etc. are enclosed in a box-truck style body. Offers dirt, dust, and weather protection.
  • Open body - Tanks are open at the top of the lube body with a separate enclosed, secure rear reel cabinet which contain tool boxes, used filter drain pans, and fast-fill manifolds.
TPL Truck Series Lubemaster 3417 Lubemaster 4417 Lubemaster 5517 Lubemaster 6517 Lubemaster 7177 Lubemaster
Class Class 6/Class 7 Class 6/Class 7 Class 8 Class 5, 6, 7 Class 5, 6, 7 Class 5, 6, 7
Chassis 17’ side-entry body 17’ side-entry body 17’ side-entry body 16’ enclosed body 16’ open body 17’ side-entry body
New Product Capacity (total gallons) 300 gallons 340 gallons 340 gallons 340 gallons 120 gallons 340 gallons
Waste Oil Capacity 100 gallons 125 gallons 125 gallons 125 gallons --- 125 gallons
Antifreeze 50 gallons 45 gallons 45 gallons 45 gallons --- 60 gallons
DEF --- 45 gallons 45 gallons 45 gallons --- Available upon request
Fuel (Diesel) 750 gallons 750 / 1,000 gallons 1,000 / 2,000 gallons --- --- ---
Lighting 8 LED worklights 9 LED worklights 9 LED worklights 8 LED worklights 8 LED worklights Side & rear-body LED worklights
Storage 2 storage boxes 5-drawer tool box 2 storage boxes 5-drawer tool box 2 storage boxes 5-drawer tool box 6 storage boxes 3 / 4-drawer tool boxes 4 storage boxes Storage rack 3 /4 side storage boxes with rollup doors 4-drawer tool box


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Assess Needs

We work with you to determine your needs and budget, creating an accurate quote.

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We draft a product design, including all equipment, & then select paint colors.

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We meticulously fabricate and pre-fit all equipment, then complete paint and final detailing.

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We thoroughly test all products to ensure proper installation and functionality

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Products are completed & ready for pick-up once final payment is received.

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