Lube Skids

Compact, ergonomic, and customized to meet every business application

A red and white machine with two black barrels

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Properly and strategically constructed lube skids can revolutionize the way your crew operates. Tailored to the needs of your company size, our lube skids can easily be loaded and unloaded from truck beds or UTVs, are compact enough to store when not in use, and our enclosed skids offer weather protection. Available in both standard and custom dimensions, our lube skids are versatile and efficient for a variety of on-site applications.

Standard Skids

We have seven standard skid models - ranging from 2-product skids to fully-enclosed 14’ skids - that have been strategically constructed to meet a wide variety of existing industry applications. Each of these models can be ordered as-is (which offers a quicker lead time) or can serve as jumping-off points for us to build your custom skid to meet your business needs.

A machine that is sitting on top of a table.
A machine that is sitting on top of a table.
A machine with two drums and many pipes
A white box with many red and black items inside.
A white box with a fire extinguisher and an air compressor.

Custom Skids

Have specific functionality needs in mind? Our in-house fabrication experts are equipped to build almost any custom lube skid imaginable - whether it be for special applications, or simply require a unique layout. We also offer two-part systems, where the skid and reels can be mounted separately on an existing service truck or chassis. Like all our lube skids, we ensure that the skid design is ergonomic for everyday use while also meeting operational, product capacity, and budget requirements.

A picture of an industrial machine with many different parts.
A machine that is sitting on top of a table.
A compressor unit with two compressors and a tank.