LubeMaster 8817
Lube Truck Series

With billboard sides and tons of storage, this lube truck is crafted to work under pressure

A large white truck with two doors and wheels.

Our Lubemaster 8817 Series lube truck is uniquely designed for jobs that need extra accessible storage without sacrificing product volume. Carrying a total of 650 gallons, this truck also offers 6 side-access roll-up door cabinets for tool, small equipment, and part storage. The lighting package offers plenty of visibility for night time servicing, including interior reel cabinet lighting so you can see exactly what you need, when you need it.

TRUCK CLASS: 5, 6, & 7

• 17’ open flatbed body with billboard sides

• Four (4) 85-gallon oil product tanks
• 250-gallon waste oil recovery tank
• One (1) 60-gallon antifreeze tank
• One (1) 120lb chassis lube drum
• DEF system available

• Oil dispensing reels and meters
• Hydraulic-driven oil pumps

• 3-4 side storage compartments with roll-up door access & shelving
• 4-drawer toolbox in reel enclosure
• 4100-lumen side body work lights
• 2100-lumen rear body work lights
• Interior compartment lighting available

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