LubeMaster 6517
Lube Truck Series

Perfect for keeping dusty workspaces to a minimum, with optional tank and interior heating

A truck with a large trailer carrying many items.

Our fully-enclosed Lubemaster 6517 lube truck is the perfect primary maintenance vehicle for sites that struggle with dust or debris. Complete with dual roll-up doors, customized reel mount stands, interior shelving and cabinet options, durable flooring, interior lighted ceiling, and toolbox/work bench options, this truck is a powerhouse for a variety of on-site applications and industries. Additional underbody storage, rear-bumper tool boxes, and central drain pan only adds to its extensive features list.

TRUCK CLASS: 5, 6, & 7

• 16’ rear entry body

• Four (4) 85-gallon new oil product tanks
• One (1) 125-gallon waste oil recovery tank
• One (1) 45-gallon stainless steel DEF tank
• One (1) 45-gallon stainless steel antifreeze tank
• One (1) 120lb chassis lube drum

• 34 CFM hydraulic compressor
• 50’ x 1/2” air hose reels
• Oil dispensing reels and meters
• Hydraulic-driven oil pumps

• Dual rear roll-up doors
• Four (4) 3-drawer toolboxes
• One (1) 4-drawer tool box
• Six (6) storage boxes
• Eight (8) LED work lights
• Used filter drain pan + waste oil suction adapter

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