Repairs & Service

In-house parts repair & on-site lube system services are our specialty.

A close up of the air operated diaphragm pump

In-House Parts Repair & On-Site Lube System Servicing

A unique advantage in our industry is our in-house repair team! We offer diagnostic and repair services for pumps, meters, hose reels, and more. We also offer "loaner" parts (when available) to help keep your teams running while your part is in our care.

If your repair issue is lube system-based, our on-site repair team can come to you!

Common piece part/equipment issues that we repair include:

  • Pumps not dispensing product (or only blowing air)
  • Inconsistent product flow
  • Reels will not extract/retract properly
  • Complete pump seizure
  • Meter readings inaccurate or stalled

If you need assistance or want to get a repair estimate, submit a quote request.