Lube Trucks

Smaller primary maintenance vehicles make it easier for everyone in your fleet to service more equipment.

A white truck with a black trailer parked on the side of a road.

Adding a non-CDL lube truck to your fleet offers a unique advantage to your fleet (compared to original, larger lube truck options). Operators of these vehicles are not required to have their CDL license because each truck is specifically planned and constructed to remain under the legal weight limit. This means anyone on your crew can transport and/or service using your new lube truck - saving you time and money.

Each non-CDL lube truck is custom made, on a chassis of your choice, to meet your application and product capacity specs. Not sure exactly what you need? Our experienced team has 35+ years of experience to help guide you through the discovery process, ensuring you get only what you need and nothing you don't.

Product tank options include:

  • New oil
  • Waste oil
  • DEF/coolant
  • Grease (120 lb barrel)

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