Conex Box
Lube Stations

Secure, sturdy, and weather-protected servicing for your entire team

A container with two large doors open on the ground.

A unique on-site solution, our Conex box lube stations (also know as "lube packages") are built to work for you. Each box setup is customized to meet your application requirements, including optional exterior reel stations to make servicing faster and easier. This solution is particularly useful when you need to have large product qualities on-site, but a full-size lube truck isn't available or isn't able to access your job site. Secure and sturdy, these lube stations make it easier to get the job done right!

Check out our Conex Box blog post to learn more about the advantages of this solution!

• 20' Conex shipping container
• Double-wall tanks
• Tanks for new oil product, DEF, & coolant
• Optional 120 lb grease system
• Gas-driven compressor system
• Optional reel mount stand
• Optional storage/shelving setup

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